Creating a Customer-Focused Marketing Technology Strategy

Marketnology Assessment Planning System - webMarketers face lots of challenges. Chief among them is using technology as a tool for effective marketing. Beyond just measuring web site visitors and delivering emails, marketers need technology to be powerful tools for marketing enablement and automation.

Technology has to empower marketers to use data to demonstrate how their team contributes to the business while building customer experiences that support durable relationships with customers. Achieving this requires having a marketing technology strategy that is specifically geared to the needs of your customers and your organization.

In our e-Book, Creating a Customer Focused Marketing Technology Strategy, we outline the steps required to build a marketing technology strategy – including questions you can ask to assess multiple dimensions of your organization and the specific information that should go into your strategy.

If you’re a marketer who has been wondering exactly what you need to do to creative a cohesive marketing technology strategy, this e-Book is for you.

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