[headline h=”1″]Web Based Applications & Systems[sub_title]Enabling Communications Through Web Systems[/sub_title][/headline]

Web Applications - Senior Leader with TeamHarnessing the power of the Internet to communicate with your customers can be a challenge.  Which technologies represent the best approach to engaging your specific audience? How do you get past reacting to buzzwords and focus on using the web to enable valuable, bi-directional customer interactions?  Analegy can help.

We work with our clients to help them identify the web technologies that can have the most impact on their business.  Often that means integrating off the shelf components or developing custom software – all in an effort to develop new products that allow our clients to deliver a well-targeted message to their target.

We recognize that our enterprise level clients have invested considerable capital into building up and maintaining their technology infrastructure.  Accordingly, we have adopted a technology agnostic approach that focuses on solutions rather than technologies.  This allows us to adapt to meet the needs of our clients and deliver solutions that can be deployed in their existing environments.

From enterprise technologies like .NET and Java to more web-focused technologies like PHP and Ruby on Rails, Analegy works with our clients to build web applications and products that deliver powerful results.

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