Digital Effectiveness

Website and mobile analytics concept showing digital effectivenessA challenge with digital technologies is understanding how to use them with optimal effectiveness.  The tendency is to learn what’s necessary to get the job done and to ignore capabilities we don’t think we need.  Doing so, however, risks failing to fully realize the ROI the technology offers.  Analegy provides its clients with digital effectiveness insights so they can make the most of their digital investments.

Digital effectiveness is a measure of an organization’s ability to use digital technologies and channels to interact with both customers and internal stakeholders in a way that delivers positive value as measured by improved customer satisfaction and employees’ improved job satisfaction?  This is done by focusing on criteria based on our clients historical concerns, including:

  • Improving relevancy and responsiveness to individual prospects based on data/insights
  • Engaging prospects earlier in the buying cycle and nurture and progress
  • Improving decision making and agility of marketing teams
  • Providing consistent leads to sales
  • Deliver ROI

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