Data & Analytics

Man at WhiteboardJohn Wanamaker, an early 20th century entrepreneur and marketing pioneer, is reported to have said that half of the money he spent on advertising was wasted but he didn’t know which half. Lucky for you, this is not the early 20th century.

For all of the talk of the empowered consumer, the truth is marketers have more tools than ever at their disposal for understanding customer behavior and using that data to make intelligent decisions about their strategies and tactics.  We help you figure out how.

Your company generates valuable data with every interaction with your customers – across every channel.  Each purchase, opened email, form submission, social media exchange, visited web page and call center contact divulge multiple data points that can be used to optimize the delivery of your communications.  Our clients rely on us to make sense of their data and use analytics that position them to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Our Data & Analytics services include: