Marketing Technology

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Marketers and customers don’t see eye to eye.  Marketers build web sites, send direct mail, manage social media and execute search engine marketing campaigns — often with different groups managing each task.  Customers don’t care about your silos. They are fervent believers in omni-channel engagement and they expect you to keep up.  They flow from offline to online much more fluidly than your campaign silos allow. For customers, each interaction with your brand is part of a continuum of experiences and marketing technologies are at the forefront.

From content management systems and marketing automation to customer relationship management and data analytics, thinking critically about marketing technology strategy is key to helping marketers design more effective, more targeted, more compelling campaigns.

Analegy strives to be a catalyst for digital excellence for our clients.   Drawing on our extensive experience with marketing and technology, we advise our clients on the development and execution of technology strategies that lead to greater success for their organizations.

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