Customer Journey Mapping

Customer image depicting customer journeyEven the most well-regarded digital platforms are no substitute for having a full understanding of how your customers make their purchase decisions.  The steps your customers take as they move through the buying process tell a story that offers insights for your company.  Customer journey mapping is how you capture those stories. You can then turn them into usable knowledge that informs your ability to deliver the information customers need on the channels they want it.

Analegy’s skilled customer experience team works with you to develop personas and map your customers’ journeys so you can become a bigger part of your customers’ stories.

It’s easy to think of the way your customers purchase in very neutral terms.  The reality is different.  As people move through the purchase process, they encounter both emotional and procedural milestones that affect how they proceed through the next phase of the journey.  Understanding the emotions your customers experience and the behaviors they exhibit is an important part of delivering a customer experience that matches your customers’ needs.  Developing a blueprint for the customer journey positions you to transition from a product purveyor to a purchase partner helping customers navigate their way to purchasing your products.

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