Analegy is a digital innovation and technology company that partners with our clients to identify ways to augment their digital effectiveness — the ability of the organization to rely on digital technologies for engaging customers, motivating employees, and informing tertiary stakeholders.  We achieve this goal with a somewhat relentless focus on three core practice areas:


Innovation is the answer to the massive disruption being caused by digital in the enterprise.  Achieving positive results from innovation requires solid methodologies and repeatable processes that facilitate meaningful change.  Our digital innovation capabilities have been crafted to serve as catalysts for enabling ideas and products that augment your organization’s digital effectiveness.  Learn More >

Data & Analytics

As much as technology is creating empowered consumers, it is also liberating enterprises from the limitations formerly preventing understanding customers’ behaviors.  Data analysis allows you to glean valuable insights from the myriad sources of data generated throughout the enterprise and use that information to deliver personalized, measurable, attributable experiences.  Additionally, the same insights can lead to ever increasing ROI as your ability to agilely address users’ concerns rapidly improves.  Learn More >

Customer Experience

The customer experience is at the heart of what separates high-performing companies from low-performing ones.  It cannot be overlooked.  We guide our clients on the creation of high-performing experiences that rely on innovation, insights and best practices to motivate customers to act and achieve competitive differentiation.  Learn More >