Marketing, Social Media and Website Analytics

Website and mobile analytics conceptJohn Wanamaker, an early 20th century entrepreneur and marketing pioneer, is reported to have said that half of the money he spent on advertising was wasted but he didn’t know which half. Modern marketers don’t have that luxury.

Pressure from the C-Suite has made marketing accountability a high priority. Technology offers powerful tools for gauging the performance of marketing campaigns. Effectively using those technologies, however, requires approaching measurement with the same rigor you apply to the overall campaign.

Developing a measurement strategy allows you to take your overall program objectives and identify the metrics that matter to your campaigns. Moreover, the strategy will be used to influence the technology solution that best fits your unique measurement goals. Analegy advises clients on the development of measurement strategy and works with you to select technologies that allow you to capture data insights lead to optimized performance.
Among the technologies and concepts we use to help our clients measure their campaigns are:

  • Developing Digital & Web Analytics/Testing Strategy for Marketing Programs
  • Analyzing Data and Extracting Meaningful Insights
  • Identifying Internal and External Data Sources Available to Provide Fuller Context about Users’ Behaviors
  • Discerning KPIs and Building Dashboards for Effective Performance Assessment

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