2020 Marketer's Guide to Emerging Technology

Customer experience focused marketers are staring down an ever-increasing number of technologies to invest in. Which ones matter? In this book, we explain some high profile emerging technologies and score them so you know which ones matter.

Why do you need this e-book?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by technology. The pace of change is almost frightening. Just when you think you have things figured out, three more technologies appear for you to consider. Artificial intelligence (A.I.), augmented reality, blockchain, voice assistants — what matters? We help you understand what the technologies are, why they matter and which ones are worth your investment?

About Analegy

For over a decade, Analegy has provided its enterprise clients with a wide range of technology services focused on marketing and the customer experience. Our expertise includes —


Partnering with clients to match their business goals with a technology stack that supports the business and its customers.


Guiding clients on using technology to create more dynamic customer experiences that create value for all stakeholders.


Acting a trusted advisor providing insights on customer experience impacting technologies and best practices for success

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