About Us


Analegy is a digital innovation and technology consulting firm that advises marketers and other enterprise professionals on the use of digital technologies as a tool for innovation and transformation.  Specifically, we guide them on the selection, implementation and usage of digital platforms and technologies that augment their digital effectiveness – resulting in customer experiences that exceed expectations and achieve competitive differentiation.

The truth is, you can find other companies just like Analegy who do what we do.  Two things separate us from those other companies.

  • We think our clients are pretty smart (you hired us, after all). We value your expertise in your business and we work with you as committed partners. That means, to the best of our ability, when you call we answer – period. We can’t promise to always have the answers you need but we can promise to do our darndest to get them.

  • Let’s be honest. We all have a little ego. We aim to leave most of it (and the arrogance that comes along with it) at the door. That allows us to truly hear you when you describe your unique challenges and then work with you to devise solutions that eliminate your business obstacles.

Analegy was founded in 2006 as a web technology company.  From our launch, everything we’ve done has been rooted in the idea that technology will radically alter not just marketing but the entire way that enterprises interact with all of their stakeholders – customers, shareholders, employees, and even the community at-large.  Today, our clients trust us because we provide them with insights and guidance they can depend on to spark digital focused innovative ideas that enable more powerful, more effective interactions across the enterprise.

Are you part of an enterprise that would love some digital inspiration?  Drop us a line and let’s discuss how Analegy can help your organization improve its digital effectiveness.