Marketing Technology Strategy: Know Your Customer

In our whitepaper, Creating a Customer Focused Marketing Technology Strategy, we recommend the steps marketers should go through to create an effective marketing technology strategy.  Part of the process involves an assessment using our Marketnology Assessment Plan (MAP).  In successive blog entries, we’ll share some of the whitepaper’s content based on the MAP.  You can start with the first post in the series here.

Customer Framework Section Subway Boxes-C

Marketnology Assessment Planning System - webIn response to the rapid pace of technology change, there can be a tendency to reflexively want to utilize a technology because others are using it successfully. That one’s peers are finding success with a technology certainly might be a strong endorsement. It is important, however, to consider your own customers’ behaviors. This is especially critical when creating the marketing technology strategy.

As a business your company’s ultimate goal is to have its customers to buy things. Marketers achieve that by thoroughly understanding customers’ behaviors and developing campaigns to influence them. Your customers have their own goals as well as well-exercised habits. It is understanding the intersection of these goals and behaviors that enable you to best identify the technologies that will optimally serve your customers.

Remember, your peers and competitors may serve similar audiences but they’re not your customers. As such, to create a useful marketing technology strategy you must ask questions that elucidate the preferences of those consumers who are interested in purchasing your products.

  • Who are your customers (describe them precisely)?
  • What are your customers’ contact channel preferences?
  • What channels do secondary research indicate are of the most popular to your customers? How well do you use those channels?
  • Do you have VoC (customer service, call center, EFM, web site comments, etc.) data that indicates what your customers think of your engagement efforts?
  • What do you your customers’ journeys look like and where during those journeys can you provide interaction points?
  • How well do yours and your customers’ expectations align with each other?
  • How has technology enabled you to deliver against both yours and your customers’ expectations?
  • What are your organization’s expectations about how you engage customers in terms of the most useful channels, the types of messages your customers want, the frequency at which they want to be engaged, the type of content they want, and the length of the content?


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